I've seen a lot of lovely blogs dedicated to women of other ethnicities. But i've never come across one for us Arabs, so i decided to make this blog dedicated to all of you beautiful Arab women!
I'll reblog a lot, but the main purpose of this blog is for people to submit their pictures. So feel free to do so if you're Arab or part Arab.



not sure if I posted this before, but here’s another one for the boyfriend. <3

Sorry that our blog hasn’t been very active lately guys,

We’ve just been kind of busy.

Remember to submit your pictures and what not :3

Amazing Tumblr

Hello The Arab Beauties!
My Name is Salime Chedid Lisboa, I’m Brazilian model but I’m Lebanese descent!

I just need to say this tumblr gonna be the best!
kisses and hugs

Shakira is of Lebanese descent
Leila Bekhti 
Nadine Njeim, Miss Lebanon
you don't have any Khaleej Women's pitcher ?

Not yet, but i’ll be sure to post some soon :)

May Hariri
Karima Adebibe is a Model/Actress born in London, England and is Half Moroccan/Half Irish
Khansa Batma